LIMITED EDITION - Ultimate Cleanse Kit ($232 Value)


Cleanse, brighten and nourish your skin with Dermalist’s Limited-Edition Set containing all you need for the ultimate clean.

Our Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser (200ml) is your perfect daily cleanser and contains Lactic, Mandelic and Glycolic Acid as well as Vitamin C and Niacinamide to gently cleanse away impurities while refining, hydrating and strengthening your skin’s lipid barrier.

Used in conjunction with Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser, our revolutionary SkinWand Facial Cleansing Brush gently removes makeup, impurities and pollution whilst stimulating microcirculation and collagen production, leaving skin cleaner, clearer and more youthful in appearance.

To complete your cleansing routine, use Ultra Smoothing Facial Exfoliant (80ml) once a week as a powerful physical exfoliant or as a gentle no-scrub chemical / enzymatic mask to effectively remove dead skin cells and resurface skin to uncover a radiant, glowing complexion in minutes.