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"Increasing Industry Inclusion"

"Another professional brand applauding cultural diversity in their marketing campaigns in Dermalist, who feature POC throughout all campaigns and regularly on social media. Even the landing page of Dermalist’s website clearly expresses to the world “we love all skins”.

Indeed, Brand & Marketing Manager Kymberly Joseph shares with us “At Dermalist, we believe that all skin is beautiful. That all people are beautiful. That all people are equal. That’s why we don’t just represent one archetypal beauty – we feature people with diverse backgrounds, body shapes and preferences on all of our channels. Kym tells us the team at Dermalist strive towards making all shapes and sizes, cultures and backgrounds feel welcomed, proud, and fairly represented. “We do it because we believe that everyone should be able to see themselves not only represented, but celebrated out there in a way which makes them feel both proud and truly seen,” says Kym.

A testament to the growing levels of inclusivity throughout their community, even a demand for more diversity, Dermalist have reported amazing feedback surrounding their statement campaigns from the beginning. “To be honest, when we launched Dermalist last year with our campaign featuring three strong, empowered women we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received,” says Kym. “We hadn’t really expected that (the overwhelming response), because for us it wasn’t this bold statement… we had just wanted to celebrate the beauty of three fierce beauties!

That said, we were delighted with how it turned out and definitely plan to continue to highlight beauty in all its forms across our channels.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports from brands demonstrating cries for more diversity in the industry. Women want to celebrate their own unique beauty, even if it isn’t the conventional type of beauty most of us have grown up with over decades. We as an industry set the trends that consumers see and follow, and we need to come together to redefine beauty – at least in our own little corner of the world.

We see a small handful of boutique Aussie brands making statements throughout their marketing campaigns, from Dermalist’s diverse cover girls to Minx Tan’s recent plus-sized tanning photoshoot, but in order to convince larger brands to get on board, we need to make this a real movement. Change will only be made if you ask for it, so why not reach out to your skincare and beauty brands with a few polite suggestions about incorporating more diversity in their advertising? Many small voices make a loud cry, and it’s finally time we spoke up."

First published in Beaute Industrie Magazine's October 2019 edition. Click HERE to view the full article.