DOUBLE CLEANSE: The importance of cleansing

Cleansing is often an overlooked and underappreciated clinical step, or even simply an afterthought to the rest of the products in our skincare routines. 

Much of the focus in our product use and education is placed on active ingredients in serums, lotions, and hydrators and getting those ingredients into the skin to effect change, forgetting that a cleanser can also be a clinically active treatment product that is just as important to our regimen. 

Starting our twice-daily routine with the right approach sets up our skin for greater success and results overall – and that foundation of success all begins with the right cleanser! 

Throughout the day our skin is exposed to many different factors that may cause damage, build up or congestion. These range from environmental elements in air particles, pollution, and dust all the way to the skin's own natural processes such as sweat and sebum production. Combine these with the application of your morning skincare products, SPF and potentially make-up, and it makes sense that your evening skin cleanse should be a welcome initiative, ready to take center stage and champion clarified, restored, healthy skin.  

In conjunction with our evening cleanse to remove dirt, debris and toxins of the day, it is also just as imperative to cleanse our skin of a morning.  

While we sleep our skin regenerates, it is also exposed to dust and oils from our bedding and pillowcase (PSA: when was the last time you washed your pillowcase?), our nightly skin regime, and even the potential drool from a deep night’s sleep! It is just as important to remove nightly debris and impurities from the skin, to achieve the best results from our morning routine whilst preventing occlusion, build-up and congestion throughout the day. 

The formulation of your cleansing product is key to elevating your skin cleansing game to the next level. Valued characteristics to look for in a game-changing treatment cleanser are: multifunctional, potent, cosmeceutical, barrier integrity support and ease of use. 

When considering the foundations of cleansing, everything starts with our skin’s barrier function. Once we have cleansed, our skin shouldn’t feel tight or dry; this feeling correlates with stripping of your skin’s natural oils causing an imbalance in your skin’s barrier. Furthermore, with this disruption we have also removed our skin microbiome barrier. Without these barriers, our skin is not able to thrive. After cleansing, our skin should be feeling comfortable, soft, and hydrated, which shows we are keeping our skin barriers protected and preventing undue stress on our skin cells. 

The Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser employs triglycerides to mimic our skin's natural oils, reinforcing our skin's lipid bilayer. This aids in maintaining the barrier integrity and preventing TEWL. When used in conjunction with a carefully balanced team of AHAs and botanical, antioxidant-based astringents, the Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser leaves the skin feeling clarified, brightened, hydrated and nourished.  

Also boasting a silky, luxurious texture, exclusions of parabens, SLS, SLES and preservatives – this cleanser is a winner for respecting all of our skin barriers whilst giving you a deep and comfortable clean.